Dec 13, 2012

Marriage Equality in Illinois Just a Few Weeks Away?

Illinois same-sex marriage advocates are pushing for a January vote.

After counting heads and consulting with legislative leaders, the chief sponsors of a bill to permit same-sex couples to get married in the state disclosed this morning that they intend to push for a vote in the General Assembly's lame-duck session, which will occur over two weeks just after New Year's.

And, in an indication of how big a campaign the pro side is launching, they've hired the firm founded by top presidential adviser David Axelrod to help them with media, organization and outreach to potential supporters, including corporate officials.

Make sure to read the full article. As an Illinois resident, I am pretty excited about this. We have the Governor behind us, and pushing for an early vote, as well as other state officials. Let's hope we don't drag this one to a state ballot...

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