Jun 20, 2012

Astonishing X-men #51

Astonishing X-men #51 is out today, with Northstar and Kyle's wedding as the main event. While coming in the middle of a storyarc that has nothing to do with it, the issue is almost exclusively dedicated to the wedding, yet it still feels a bit short and glossing over the controversy that people expected from it. There isn't much "choosing sides" here, not much conservative drama, and I actually like that. The wedding feels much more real with the main problems being the grooms being nervous about it.

The art does the event enough justice, even though Mike Perkins isn't going to be a favorite of mine any time soon. The real gem here is Marco Djurdjevic's variant cover (posted above) which blows me away. The digital image doesn't do it justice - in real life the coloring is perfect and the artwork is just breathtaking.

All in all, Marvel's first gay wedding passes with flying colors. Can't wait to see what half-baked sensationalist rip-off DC will come up with...

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