Nov 24, 2012

Why You Simply Can't Vote GOP. Ever. Period.

This is a video from a while back, talking about Romney in particular, but I figure it gives a very good explanation why nobody in today's GOP should ever be voted for, no matter how "normal" they appear. Do I believe there are no decent people in that giant party? Hell no. In fact, I imagine there are still more decent people than the Horde of Crazy. But does it matter really? When the crazies are so powerful within the party structure that you simply HAVE to fall in line, or your career is dead? And the higher you go in the food chain, the more obvious this becomes. Forcing pledges on people, supporting presentation of fairy tales and facts on equal terms in schools, being anti-everyone non-white or male... This is not a party that can sustain a thinking voting pool. And if it wants the moderate, independents voter back, it needs to show him that it doesn't need the crazy religious nutjobs, that they do not define the policies the party promotes.

Because what good is a moderate Republican, if he is a tiny island of sane in a sea of crazy that his election into whatever office he occupies opened the door for?

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