Apr 16, 2012

Praying the Gay Away

Michele and Marcus Bachman's clinic sees a second scandal regarding ex-gay Christina therapy. From Huffpost:

Documentary filmmaker Kristina Lapinski, who is currently at work on "GAY U.S.A. the Movie," went undercover at Bachmann & Associates, the Minnesota-based Christian counseling clinic co-owned by Marcus and Michele Bachmann, and once again captured a staff member conducting what she described as "reparative" therapy.

Lapinski says she played the part of "a confused 24 year old lesbian who had just moved from California to Minnesota to marry her long time male friend, Jake, all to please her Christian parents" while making an appointment. After speaking to counselor Sheila J. Marker about her situation, Lapinski says Marker then pulled out a Bible, informing her that God intended only men and women to come together, and captured the experience on a hidden pen camera.

Make sure you read the whole article. Poor, poor Crazy Eyes with her God-fixed husband... As much as I despise the wretched woman, I don't wish an "ex-gay" on anyone.

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