Apr 19, 2012

Anti-Gay Discrimination Bill Progresses in Colorado

I mentioned this a while back. Despite One Colorado's efforts, Focus on the Family managed to place a legalization of anti-gay discrimination on the November ballot. Should this pass, it will allow gay people to be denied housing, employment, literally anything really, on the basis of "religious freedom".

Here's a Note from Brad Clark from One Colorado:

I’m sitting in the Secretary of State’s office. Today’s title board hearing just finished up. Despite having some of the best legal minds in Colorado working for us and mounting a strong legal case, we lost our initial challenge to Focus on the Family’s deceptive ballot initiative to write discrimination into our state Constitution.

Now we have to take our challenge to the Colorado State Supreme Court. If we don’t, this dangerous measure is all but certain to appear on our ballot this fall. If enacted, this measure’s radical effects will be felt in Colorado for decades to come—and would have far-reaching implications for LGBT Coloradans.


This extreme measure would undermine all the advancements we’ve made to protect LGBT people from discrimination in housing, public accommodations, and employment. An employer could fire a transgender person when she comes out. A mortgage lender could deny financing to a gay couple. Everything we’ve done to protect our community could be undone.

You can follow the link to find out how you can help the cause. I find it absolutely disgusting that in 2012 such a thing could be up for voting. Is this country moving backward in time? What does it take for people to get it into their heads that Church and State are separate for a reason?

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