Mar 15, 2012

GLAAD Launches Commentator Accountability Project

I am absolutely in love with this idea! GLAAD is starting a project to make journalists aware of the hate speakers they often unwittingly invite to discuss LGBT issues, supposedly to present another side. From GLAAD's page:

The GLAAD Commentator Accountability Project (CAP) aims to put critical information about frequent anti-gay interviewees into the hands of newsrooms, editors, hosts and reporters. Journalists or producers who are on deadline often don't have the time to dig into the histories of a commentator. Audiences need to be aware that when they’re not talking to the mainstream media, these voices are comparing LGBT people to Nazi Germany, predicting that equal treatment of LGBT people will lead to the total collapse of society, and even making accusations of satanic influence.

The Commentator Accountability Project is bringing all of these statements to light, while calling attention to the sentiments behind them. We will show that the commentators who are most often asked to opine on issues like marriage equality or non-discrimination protections do not accurately represent the "other side" of those issues. They represent nothing but extreme animus towards the entire LGBT community.

What follows is a list of names of hatemongers which might be educational to read through. You should contact GLAAD if these people appear in your local media.

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