Mar 15, 2012

Help! My Bigotry is Being Oppressed! #1

AFA host Kevin McCullough being slightly weirded out by being called out on his hate speech.

So, um, us gays hate straight people for having sex and having babies, so we'll stop them by, uh, asking to get married! Cause we're evil and stuff. But that's ok, cause gays don't REALLY exist. So why all the hate for this guy? So so very very unfair...


Meanwhile, "Gay Activists Try To Suppress Biblical Viewpoint From The Media", apparently, or so Gary Schneeberger, vice president of communications for "Focus On The Family", says, adding his voice in the general hate group outrage for GLAAD's new Commentator Accountability Project which I blogged about in the previous post. Other oppressed bigots include the "Liberty Council"'s spokesperson Matt Barber, who says that GLAAD Can't Silence Christians, failing to note that GLAAD isn't trying to...

"They need to understand -- liberals and secularists -- that as Christ followers, we will never, ever stop speaking God's truth in love," Barber comments. "We appreciate when they reveal who they really are here and reveal the weakness inherent within their own arguments by attempting to silence those who would dare to dissent with their radical secular socialism."

Hopefully journalists with a conscience will do what's right.


Another monster whose hatred is being oppressed is Evangelical monster Scott Lively who just got sued in Massachusetts court by a Ugandan LGBT rights group for inciting the persecution and murder of homosexuals in their country.

The lawsuit maintains that beginning in 2002, Mr. Lively conspired with religious and political leaders in Uganda to whip up anti-gay hysteria with warnings that gay people would sodomize African children and corrupt their culture.

The Ugandan legislature considered a bill in 2009, proposed by one of Mr. Lively’s Ugandan contacts, that would have imposed the death sentence for the “offense of homosexuality.” That bill languished after an outcry from the United States and European nations that are among major aid donors to Uganda, but was reintroduced last month.

Lively is of course outraged by the vermin's temerity:

“I am an American citizen [being targeted] over the persecution of homosexuals as they define it as a crime against humanity – for speaking the truth of the Bible in a foreign country.”

Poor bastard...

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