Feb 10, 2012

"Choosing" to be Gay

I "chose" to be gay in 2010. It was a tough choice, really. Basically I could either be gay, or kill myself at that point, but hey, a sucky choice is still a choice, yes?

Well, no, not really. And it is strange to me how I seem to be living on a separate plane of existence from all the Christians heavenbent on saving my poor faggot soul even if it takes completely destroying everything good about my life to do so. Because - and this one is really funny - they wholeheartedly believe that homosexuality is a choice. And who knows - sexuality in general is so fluid that maybe for some 3-5% of us - those closest to the Kinsey scale middle - it really was a choice. But COME ON! Open your eyes! I know you all had your private Christian schools and go to your Christian blogs and watch your Christian channels, but are you really THAT well protected from actual facts? Do you seriously not see what is happening all around you?

And I won't even go into how none of YOU "chose" to be straight (or to live in denial, as so many of you do), as you seem to think being straight is the only normal condition. But just THINK! "So yeah, I feel like trying d**k now, cause, yunno, I am just bored and have bad role models. Does anybody wanna persecute me until I try to kill myself?" Who chooses that? Seriously, people, who chooses that ?! To be bullied daily at school, discriminated against in the workplace, risking hate crimes, and denied basic human rights (oh, I am sorry, those are heterosexual "privileges" if we don't like you) - is this a choice YOU would make if you could choose the opposite?

It isn't about values and what your religion tells you. It's about common effin sense! Nobody chooses to be hated. It is obvious, and extremely simple, and that's why your argument is invalid. Open your eyes, or tear them away from the Christian blogs for a second and look at the actual world around you. When a child is beaten at school every day for years, that is NOT the gay agenda. That is you being an idiot.

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