Feb 13, 2012

Dear America: You Have a Gay Problem

I randomly stumbled across this great article from HuffPost Canada's Gay Voices section. It is fascinating to me that a country that so many Americans view with such disdain can be so much ahead of the States in its moral and religious stand.

A few snippets that deserve quoting:

When you do [look up north], you'll discover something that might surprise many of you: We aren't all that concerned about gay people. Our Conservative government has said it has no intention of re-opening a debate on same-sex marriage, which is legal. Abroad, it has become a consistent and strong advocate for gay rights. Contrary to some beliefs, no radical gay agenda came and hijacked our society. The sky hasn't fallen.[snip]

But there's something different, something malicious about the debate in your country. The haters are too hateful and the vilification of the LGBT community has spread too far. In what other free and equal society would those seeking to be Commander-In-Chief stand silently as a crowd of citizens booed a soldier because he was gay? It is a true juxtaposition of cowardice and courage, and such a moral deficiency should automatically qualify one as unfit to lead a nation.[snip]

When teachers are afraid to stand up for their students, as were Justin's, and when leaders stand by and allow masses to trample over the vulnerable, what is there left to teach, and who is left to lead?[snip]

From time to time it's necessary that friends speak from the heart. And frankly, you need it now, because from your big neighbor to the north, not only literally, but also figuratively, you're looking kind of small.


Make sure you read the whole article. The writer, Josh D. Scheinert, says he was inspired to finally write about this after he read that same Rolling Stone article "One Town's War on Gay Teens" that inspired me to start this blog. In case you haven't read that one, make sure you do. It's not a light read - made me both cry and see red - but it is very much worth your time.

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