Feb 21, 2012

The Proponents of Prop 8 Ask for a Full 9th Circuit Review

Filed under "severe annoyance". The proponents of the (now twice voted as) unconstitutional Proposition 8 will ask for an En Banc review. That means the fight to strike that disgrace down from the law is going to take longer, as the 9th Circuit has to first decide whether to take the case again, and then if it does, it's unclear as to how long it will take them to reach a conclusion. Then the haters could keep annoying us by going for a Supreme court review. After waiting for all deadlines to be nearly over of course. It is seriously pathetic to keep fighting an obviously losing fight, but they are determined to make it as prolonged as possible, out of - seems like - pure spite.

More on the subject at Prop 8 Trial Tracker.

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