Feb 13, 2012

Marriage Equality News 02.13.2012

Today, at 11:30 local time, governor Christine Gregoire signed the bill for marriage equality, turning it into law for the state of Washington. Of course, things won't be finalized until the November ballot (gotta love the decades long dying convulsions of the anti-gay movement... No, wait, you don't have to love them...), but even so, this is a huge success and by the end of the year will turn Washington into the seventh state to recognize and perform gay marriage. Also, make sure you go to Joe.My.God to see Gregoire's speech. It's really touching, and I had tears in my eyes during most of it.

Also today, the NJ senate passed their own marriage equality bill with 24-16. It is expected to pass even easier in the state Assembly. Governor Chris Christie however has promised a veto, should the bill reach his desk. I am thoroughly in love with the thrashing The New York Times has given him:

A strong vote in favor of same-sex marriage in the state’s House and Senate would be a legislative achievement, and it would help set the stage to overriding a veto, as promised by Gov. Chris Christie. In light of the week’s good news from California and Washington, Mr. Christie’s vow to block the bill in New Jersey seems not only disgraceful, but against the tide of history.

And last but not least, the lovely map at the top of this post is courtesy of Marriage Equality USA (click the link for the large version), that I found on Joe.My.God.

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