Feb 9, 2012

Introduction a.k.a. Er, Yeah, Hi There...

Hello everyone,

I'm a musician, a foreigner and I'm also gay. Two of those have defined my life as far back as my memories reach, and the foreigner part is subdued by my dazzling mastery of the English language (or something). I am currently in grad school, studying violin performance, and I am also relatively fresh out of the closet (a little over a year and a half now). And as such, I have grown really interested in the social and political environment in the States when it comes to our community. In the three years I've spent here, I've been constantly shifting between being fascinated, heartened, disgusted and borderline homicidal when it comes to the things that happen to gay people here, and the amount of blindness that - in this haven of technology and information - would be comical, were it not so horrifyingly destructive.

So, in the end, I'm guessing this blog will be dedicated to information and personal rants. The comment section is wide open should you have insights, recommendations, pearls of homophobia you'd like to share with me or anything else really.

And so...

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  1. Interesting blog you've got here, Roland. Can't wait to read your entries.